Old school audiophiles have always hated subwoofers and that is just purely ignorant. They will spend huge subs of money to TRY to get the lowest frequencies in audio (meaning lower than the 41 Hz which is the limit of say a bass guitar) from their audiophile grade floorstanding speakers. This is a physics nightmare and a foolish waste of money but if you read the OK-Boomer audiophile print magazines, you’d be led to believe that spending an extra $20,000 on speakers to get 10 Hz more bass output is somehow a smart move. It isn’t.

An audiophile subwoofer (or two, or three or four) can easily and very cost effectively deliver sub-20 Hz range bass. Good subwoofers that can go sub-20-Hz cost around $1,000 each. You can see the tremendous value by not spending an extra $20,000 on speakers.

Many smart audiophiles and most people in the recording studio or pro audio space know that audiophile grade bookshelf speakers are a far better value. You can get audiophile grade performance for all but the very lowest of low frequencies for which said subwoofer can deliver in spades and for a much more affordable investment. French speaker maker, Focal, has a product called their Sopra 1 which costs about $10,000 per pair for a very fancy, well finished and ultra-high-end bookshelf speaker. Match that speaker with a $1,000 subwoofer and you have 95 percent of the high and midrange frequency performance of their $300,000 Grand Utopia BE speakers for a tiny fraction of the price.

Audiophiles seeking value and who believe in science over voodoo and snake oil are learning these lessons. You can get all of the performance and save 90 percent of the money if you forget what the Baby Boomers in the print magazine have been selling you for 30 plus years. They are full of crap. You are better than them. You believe in science. You see the value. That’s why you are so smart. Rock on!