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Dr. Speaker Blower - VST FX PACK
Pack with more than 40 plugins for complex sonic transformation. Complete and exclusive: from classic equalizers to guitar distortion, from compressors to filters, from complete recording channels to powerful modulation effects, from M/S processors to multiband effects. Originally developed for my exclusive use, I decided to release these plugins to the world. Mono versions are free and they serve as a demo of the sonic power of these effects to all interested users. Detailed information about all included plugins is available in PDF. Now with new plugins and for only 15! Note that this is NOT a commercial release - this is custom made and these are final versions!! It simply is available to all interested users! Software is sold as is [future updates are NOT expected]. Why the low prices then? Because there is no support or scheduled updates as I quit the VST creation work! Note that some of the contents of this pack are now FREE in the Ourafilmes Facebook Free Pack. To get this you must Like the Ourafilmes Facebook page (! More information about this free pack in the Ourafilmes website:
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Dr. Speaker Blower - SB-3 FX (bonus effect) - 0:01  0.00
Dr. Speaker Blower - FX PACK in 1 Download - 0:01  0.00
Dr. Speaker Blower - PDF Info - 0:01  0.00 Free Download !
Dr. Speaker Blower - FREE FX MONO - 0:01  0.00 Free Download !
Dr. Speaker Blower - Stereo Only FX DEMOS - 0:01  0.00 Free Download !
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